Governance Board

The Governance Board is made up of five volunteers, who have a personal or vested interest in creating an environment that offers player advancement at the collegiate level.  The sole purpose for the Governance Board is to manage and maintain the scholarship fund for the Prospects Athletics program.

Travis Horne

Executive Director

Director of Futures Program; Prospects Athletics

Brandy Blackinton


Senior Vice President, Retail Lending; Claremont Savings Bank

Jeff Tagliaferro


Wedu, Director of Business Development

Kathy Marshall


Vice President, SBA Portfolio Manager at Eastern Bank

Lauren Thibault


Secretary, Operations Manager at Baystate Financial and Communications Director for Bedford Little League

Meeting agendas will focus on the most relevant activities at the present time.  These activities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Voting on prior meeting minutes (must be accepted by a quorum)

  • Financials 

  • Events & Activities 

  • Fund allocation for Future Scholarships

  • Selection Committee Progress

  • All Governance Board members will have a minimal engagement commitment of 2-years.  The board will cast a majority vote bi-annually.  There will be no max years of service to sit on the Governance Board.

  • Board members must attend (in-person or via video) all quarterly meetings, which will last 1-hour in length.

  • Board members must review reporting details prior to quarterly meetings.

  • Board members must provide input and feedback on agenda items.